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A Good Insurance Agent is THE KEY!

With Open Enrollment right around the corner and so many questions still unanswered it may be a good idea to consult with a licensed trained professional to answer your questions as well as provide insight to the differences in the plans and options offered.

Agents Are Required To Pass an Exam

Agents must be CMS certified before helping consumers Apply for Obamacare Plans. Agents must complete assigned training and pass exams before they may assist individuals with an application, plan selection, and enrollment through a Federally-facilitated Marketplace.

Agent vs Navigator?


Insurance Agents help consumers make decisions that affect their coverage and their budget. Agents use their extensive industry knowledge to help consumers make an informed decision.

If you are an agent see Insurance Agents and Obamacare.


Navigators help you navigate the site.

Can I still get my Tax credit discount if I use an Agent?

Yes, In most states that will be using the federal exchange. Not in all states (see your individual state exchange). Agents will have the same access to the marketplace plans and can get consumers the same subsidized pricing in most states.


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