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Nondiscrimination Regarding Clinical Trial Participation

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The Affordable Care Act prohibits health insurance issuers from:

*The Affordable Care Act defines “qualified individual,” for purposes of this provision, as an individual who is eligible to participate in an approved clinical trial according to the trial protocol with respect to the treatment of life-threatening diseases or conditions. A “qualified individual” either has a referral from a participating health care provider who has concluded that the individual’s participation is appropriate, or has provided medical and scientific information establishing that the individual’s participation in the clinical trial would be appropriate.

**When comparing plans make sure you have all your facts. Consult with a licensed Agent or Broker prior to making a decision.

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Agents and Brokers are required to be trained to assist consumers with the application and decision making process. Using an Agent to enroll in a ObamaCare Health Plan will be the primary choice of many americans. After all agents have the inside track on companies and their promptness to handle claims and pay benefits in atimely fashion.

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