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Kentucky State Exchange Info

For Consumers:

KY has created The Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, an easy to use marketplace.

The Health Benefit Exchange will operate as an online marketplace where Individual Kentuckians and employees of small businesses can comparison shop for health insurance based on cost, benefits and quality. It will also allow individuals and businesses to apply for premium subsidies and tax credits. Through the Exchange, an individual can also apply and have eligibility determined for Medicaid and the Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program (KCHIP).
Options for Signing up for Alabama Obamacare Plans

  • Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange
  • Agent Assisted

For Kentucky Insurance Agents:

Kentucky Obamacare Signup information for KY Insurance Agents

Agents and kynectors will play an important role in facilitating enrollment for individuals and small businesses in health insurance plans and other affordability programs offered on kynect.

Individual Insurance Agent Requirements to Participate

  • Be licensed by the Kentucky Department of Insurance (DOI) with a health line of authority;
  • Complete the OKHBE approved agent training in accordance with 45 C.F.R. 155.220(d)(2);
  • Sign an individual agent participation agreement;
  • Comply with the privacy and security standards of 45 C.F.R. 155.260;
  • Except for agents employed directly by a participating issuer, maintain an appointment with at least two (2) QHP issuers participating on the OKHBE; or
  • Maintain a designation with a business entity having an appointment with at least two (2) QHP issuers participating on the OKHBE; and
  • Complete registration and verification with the OKHBE through the Kentucky Online Gateway.

Visit Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange for more details.

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