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Forget everything you know about Small Group Insurance. Do you want to learn more.... read through the topics at the bottom of this page.

Employers: Small Business Tax Credit

Many employers will be crunching the numbers over the next year and for good reason. There is a Small Business Tax Credit for companies that pay 50% or more of their employees healthcare premiums which is very attractive. See the topics below for more details.

Shared Responsibility Payment

The ACA administration recently announced they will be extending the time frame for the implementation of the Shared Responsibility Payment paid by employers until 2015. The mandatory employer and insurer reporting was pushed back 1 year due to reporting requirements and infrastructure.


Agents and Brokers Are Being Trained To Assist Employers

Agents and brokers are taking online classes and must pass exams to be a part of the process on the Federal Exchange and Employer SHOP.

Many companies will turn to Brokers to help manage enrollments and for good reason. The amount of information employers will need to know is overwhelming but the good news is that the agents that get certified will have the answers and be trained to get it done.

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