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ObamaCare Insurance Leads For Agents

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Pre-Filtered Leads

With so many people seeking health insurance through the new Affordable Health Care Act many agents and brokers will be spending a great deal of time qualifying consumers that may or may not qualify to purchase an insurance plan. If consumers earn less than 133% of FPL they may not qualify for QHP's sold on the exchange.

Our Solution:

We Pre-Qualify Obamacare Leads. We ask consumers to input their number of family members and Annual Household Income and pre-filter leads for consumers that are over 135% of the Federal Poverty Line so you spend more time speaking with qualified consumers.

Exclusive ObamaCare Leads
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Sample Lead:

First Name:
Last Name:

Number of Family Members:
Annual House-Hold Income:

Primary DOB:
Primary Gender:
Primary Tobacco Use:
Currently Insured:
Current Premium:

If you are an agent and need info about getting certified click Insurance Agents and Obamacare.

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Consumers are calling 8-obamacare answering a few questions and qualified consumers are being passed directly to agents. Call for pricing 877-532-3261

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